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Evan. ReTanya Williams


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Evan. ReTanya Williams

More affectionately known to us as "Suga Puddin" and to the cast as Sis. ReTanya, she was born right here in Los Angeles CA, and raised by her grandparents in Carson, CA.  She graduated from Banning HS, and went on to attended Houston Community College, and then Aenon Bible College.  From there, still hungering after knowledge, she then attended Cal State Long Beach.  As a former Pastor's wife and mother of three children and grandmother of one grandson, she accepted the call to ministry, and God has blessed, increased, and magnified the gifts he has instilled in her so much so that she IS a true blessing to those whose lives she touches, whether they know it or not.  She is a preacher, teacher, and prophetess as well as an evangelist.
Not only does she have the anointed gift to deliver the Word, her other passions are that she produces and hosts her own radio and cable TV Ministry programs, called "Showtime for Christ".  She is also the Founder and choreographer of "In His Presence" Dance Ministry. 
Although it's all for the glory of God, Sis. ReTanya will not toot her own horn, but...we will.  Her quiet spirit is so strong, you feel it whenever she enters a room.  Her meekness is absolutely not a weekness, and don't get it twisted.  Now, don't let her start praying for you.  Wow!  When the power of the Holy Spirit embraces her.  She's is so anointed, she prays right on target, and It's like thunder coming out of her mouth.  She is truly our support.  Early on we realized that we could know and entrust that she is always interceding in prayer for this ministry and this production.  She is determined to encourage, motivate and inspire "Everything that as breath" to lift up the name of Jesus.  Her soul's desire is to please and obey God, win souls to Christ, reclaim the backsliders and encourage believers.
This beautiful lady, not only can act, she can "act-up".  She is hilarious.  Her portrayal of the character in this production is closely reflective to Sis. ReTanya, and she delivers this role with intense energy.  We are thankful the Lord placed this young lady in our path.