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Tony Dolison
In His Name, Inc.' Staff Bio
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"Holy Spirit" and "Ky"
Tony Dolison

Tony is no stranger to being in front of an audience.  Being one in a family of 13 children, we're sure, he often demanded the attention.  Still and always, Tony has a strong bond with his family, and makes a much time as possible to spend with them.  Tony is originally from Ecorse, Michigan, and after graduating from Ecorse High School, joined the United States Air Force and became a Federal Police Officer for the Veterans Medical Center.  While he attended Wayne County Community College, he studied and became a Registered Nurse.  Tony has long had a passion for acting, and has quite a bit of acting credits under his belt.  He has been in such films as "The Cage", "Detroit", "Darryl's Theme", "The Gamesman", "Radio City Soul Cafe'", "Tomorrow We Rule".  He has also graced the stage in such productions as "Sweet Inspirations", Shakespeare in Las Vegas", and "Praise The Lord, Hallelujah!".  His television credits include "The Pretenders", and most recently, co-stared on "The Andy Dick Show", an MTV production.  Currently he is also in a feature film called "LOSH", scheduled to be out very soon.
The Lord continues to prove to us that He is always right on time.  The character of both 'Ky' and the 'Holy Spirit' (to be played by the same person) became available when a previous cast member had to step down.  We had no idea when, or if that position would be filled.  Then God sent Tony to us.  Tony graciously stepped up to the plate, and immediately gelled with his fellow cast members.  We praise God, for continually 'lookin' out'.  Tony is an explosive talent, that was open and willing to handle the job required of him.  We appreciate his committment to help us make this production a success.