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Yahtina Macali
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Yahtina Macali

Yahtina was born August 27, 1984, in the Lone Star state of Texas.  This yellow rose realized early on that once she bloomed, she would be destined to be a star.  She has been a member of City of Refuge (formerly known as Greater Bethany Community Church) for five years.  Currently, she is a senior at Los Angeles High School, an active participant in student government, and captain of the Mighty Roman Cheer Squad.  She aspires to be an actress and wants to pursue developing her craft as a true creative thesbian.  She plans to continue her education, after graduation, at Pepperdine University, Church of God in Christ campus in Malibu, California in the fall of 2003, where she plans to study fine arts and humanities.  She also has a passion for basketball, and has been involved with playing on a strong winning team.  Yahtina really loves the Lord, and is beginning to see what God has purposed for her life.  She knows that her steps are ordered.
When we met Yahtina, she touched us in a way that we refused to let her not be a part of this project.  At the time of auditions, we did not have a part for her, so, initially, we decided to create a small part for her, not knowing what we had in the young lady.  We nearly let this talent remain in the shadows with a small role, but the Lord had something else in mind.  Yahtina was thankful and excited just to be a part of this endeavor.  It showed on her face.  She has remained diligent, and no matter what, with no personal transportation of her own, she was at every rehearsal...on time.  The Lord re-arranged and moved some things where the part of Lela became available.  We gave Yahtina a shot at the role.  A few weeks later, at the first rehearsal of that scene, she came out the gate on fire (with lines memorized when eveveryone else was still on script).  That alone told us that she was willing to work hard and not let anything stop here from attaining her goals.  As the baby of the cast, she has proven that she can hold her own.  We love her and are so very proud of her, and we are thankful to have her be such a large part of this production.