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Alfonzo Wilson
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"Bro. Fred"
Alfonzo Wilson

A native of Canton, Ohio, Alfonzo Wilson moved to Los Angeles in 1986 in pursuit of an acting career.  Along with acting and theater, he has a passion for other fine arts such as art, music and architecture, which, is how he makes his living.  The youngest of nine children, Alfonzo has always regarded family as the most important aspect of his life.  His mother introduced him to modeling at an early age, which became his first job in high school.  Shortly thereafter, he developed a love for being on stage and performing.  Over the years, he has enjoyed theatrical acting, and playing in numerous small theater plays.  This has allowed him versatility in order to to stretch himself in developing the characters he portrays.  His film credits include, "Lemro:  Private Eye", "Deep Space", Thin line between Love and Hate", and "Castaway".
Alfonzo is a character himself.  He has a wonderful sense of humor, and keeps us crackin' up.  When we first met Alfonzo, we knew exactly the role he was to portray.  From the time he walked in the door during auditions, we thought, Wow, that's 'Bro. Fred' walking in the door right there.  We were praying his acting abilities were as top shelf as his personal appearance, and sure enough, he nailed it.  Frankly, it was the hair that shoed him in.  We can't tell you how many times Zo changes his hair.  He can chill in a coiffed clean natural, then the next time you see him, he's got twister loks, or corn rows, and it's all in his corporate attire.  Alfonzo is a classy gentleman, and we know that he truly loves the Lord.  He always displays professionalism, strives for excellence, and continues to seek clarity in understanding the directors concept and guidance of his performance.  Alfonzo radiates a gentle, easy going spirit.  He has shown us his diligence and committment to this production, and we sincerely appreciate his time, and gifts. We feel blessed to have him be part of this project.