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Kimberly R. Fitz
In His Name, Inc.' Staff Bio
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Ms. Kimberly R. Fitz

A native of Virginia, Kimberly developed characters of her own as a young girl to entertain herself and her family.  And that's where it all started...her love of acting began.  She sought to persue her dream of acting, starting in church plays, then moving on to school and college productions.  Then as a freshman in high school, she had the opportunity to write a play entitled "Red Barn".  While attending Penn State University, she Directed a play entitled "A New World",  which deals with the real life of freshman entering into "A New World", thus the title.  She received rave reviews in the college paper stating how she managed to bring the characters to life on stage.  Kimberly's passion for God is continually expressed through poetry and song, of which she hopes to publish in the near future.  She is committed to spreading HIS Word through dramatic creation.  When she heard of In His Name, Inc's ministry, and what it's mission was about, she was eager to participate and lend her talent's.  Little did she know that the Lord would place her skills and talent in a different capacity.  Her steps were ordered.  She is thrilled in the vision that we all must CHECK OURSELVES as Christians in our daily walk with Christ.
The Lord has positioned Kimberly to come to us as our Accountant.  We want to ensure that IHN, Inc.'s finances are controlled properly, and in order.  If you understand human characteristics, She is a creative/analytical, that means, when Kim is working on her "T" accounts for checks and balances, she sees her numbers tie dyed with flowers roses and rainbows.  Then she reruns her figures again for accuracy.  We feel that the Lord has strategically placed Kimberly in our path, because she represents integrity through and for God.
Kimberly also wants to educate our young people.  She feels that there is a gap that needs to be filled where our teenagers and young adults are not learning how to properly handle their money.  She has ideas on creating ways of using what the Bible says as a guideline of being "Good Stewards" of our finances.
We truly thank God for sending us her bubbly spirit.  Not to mention that lovely Southeastern twang she has.